Rehabilitating People and Business.
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Customized LTC rehab care programs

Synergy Care does not just provide therapy services, we provide business solutions. We deliver timely healthcare solutions by maintaining advanced awareness of industry trends and are up to date with the latest in Medicare policies and procedures. We not only provide these business services, we provide a service of human care, one of rehabilitating people whether the patient’s needs are physical, occupational, or speech related rehabilitation.

Contract Therapy

Every organization has a different and unique culture. Synergy Care adapts and customizes our program to promote the values of your organization to better manage your therapy program and add value to your bottom line. Similar to an in-house program, we can customize our program to fit your organizations goals and needs.

Staffing Services

Therapy staffing is a competitive market and requires individuals with a great knowledge of the industry and the dedication to pursue the best personnel for the job. Synergy Care employs full-time recruiters with teams assigned to each discipline to assist your organization with finding qualified individuals who will provide the best care for your residents.

Customized Training Programs

Synergy Care is known as experts in therapy and therapy consulting having partnered with our fiscal intermediaries, national consultants, universities, and state associations to offer CEU classes, public speakers, and in-services in various states. We are members of several national and state associations.

We offer in-services on a wide range of clinical topics including: adult model of care, dementia management, adaptive feeding techniques, ADL documentation, medicare case management, therapy documentation, restorative planning, and regulatory survey preparation.

Marketing and Community Relations

We are not just a therapy company, we are your partner.  Synergy Care assists in marketing activities and helps to promote your facility in several ways. Our program includes visits with physicians, social workers, discharge planners, community awareness activities, and public speaking in your community. We participate in local fundraisers, health fairs, and civic groups. As a part of our services we will also participate in pre-admission assessments and develop a close relationship with hospitals and other referral sources in your area. We also work on your behalf to assist in building caseloads through additional screenings, education initiatives, and maintaining consistent staff.

Rehabilitating Business

Synergy Care partners with clients to improve both patient care and the bottom line. Our accounting background and over three decades of experience in the LTC setting makes us unique among therapy providers.

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  • Full Service Contract Therapy
  • Benchmarking
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Customized Training Programs
  • Compliance Audits
  • Denials Management
  • Dementia Capable Care