Flexible Therapy Management Options

Full-Service Contract Therapy by Synergy Care – with Options

Synergy Care provides a customized approach to contract therapy – so your staff and patients feel a sense of community with Synergy Care therapists – just like they do with an in-house model. Our rehabilitation specialists become a part of your organizational structure.

Based on an analysis of your current services and an in-depth review of goals and objectives, our team will work with your team to create a unique therapy program that integrates with your facility’s services. Synergy Care therapy service options include:

  • Full-Service Contract Therapy
  • Management of In-House Therapy
  • Flexible Shared Risk Partnership Options
  • Therapy Support and Consulting Services

Through strong relationships and always a patient-centered care approach, we work with our partners to develop elevated and enhanced customized services and processes that work for you. We strive to create services that feel like part of your day-to-day operations – with the full support and strong resources from our management team and The Broussard Group.

Dependable Experience and Clinical Expertise with Synergy Care

Synergy Care takes a synergistic approach with all our therapy partnerships. Since 1999 when we started our company, we have followed a cooperative path with nursing home groups and other organizations to provide unique therapy management models for their rehabilitation needs. We’ve always understood that offering a range of therapy services, including non-traditional options, is how our partners receive the optimal services that work best for them.

Synergy Care offers a variety of service options, including in-house therapy management. We have many years of experience with this model. In fact, we have been providing in-house therapy management long before PDPM and the new focus by national rehab providers. Under this model, the customer employs their own therapists and Synergy Care assists with a customized level of support or other needs.

In some situations, such as larger nursing home chains, this provides efficiencies of care and is a great way to structure a partnership. However, we have seen that in-house therapy is not for everyone. There are some increased levels of risk to this model, and it may not be the best way to ensure your success. If your facility is not ready to take that step, Synergy Care offers the traditional full-service contract therapy model. This model reduces risk and eliminates therapy responsibilities from the SNF operator.

Synergy Care offers a variety of service levels and rate options under the contact arrangement and it is highly successful in supporting our customers in their long-term care goals.

And finally, for those with unique and specific operational needs, we offer a hybrid model of the in-house and traditional contract. Our full-service integrated contract therapy programs mirror in-house therapy, giving our clients the ability to provide input into how they want their therapy program to operate.  At the same time, our clients enjoy the freedom and flexibility of a therapy partnership in which Synergy Care manages the day-to-day details of HR, recruiting, clinical oversight and compliance monitoring. This blend of options creates collaborative relationships that bring together the best aspects of contract and in-house therapy programs combined into one.

What to Expect When Working with Synergy Care

Our goal is to help rehabilitate your patients with outstanding therapy services and help your business prosper through efficient and effective operational alignment. Through our collaborative partnerships, we help create:

  • Stronger patient care outcomes
  • Enhanced workflow efficiencies
  • Improved compliance processes
  • Stronger financial outcomes

Consulting Services Provide Support for Unique Needs

As a Synergy Care partner, you’ll have access to even greater resources providing guidance and support across a range of specialty services to meet your organization’s specific and unique needs. Our team can help you navigate changing payment models, ease regulatory compliance concerns and train staff for consistent patient care and appropriate coding for strong reimbursement. Some of our consulting services include:

  • Compliance Support
  • Reimbursement and Regulatory Support
  • Education
  • Survey Compliance

Learn More about Synergy Care Contract Therapy Services

If you have questions about Synergy Care services and contract therapy options, email our team to help.

Learn more about the services we offer and how Synergy Care can help your patients and your business operations.