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Ms. Jackie Testimonial

Ms Jackie TestimonialWe love that we have the pleasure to introduce you to Jackie!

She chose Golden Age Guthrie for her skilled therapy on June 2 after being hospitalized following a car accident. A car involved in a high-speed chase traveling at 100 mph hit Jackie.

She sustained significant injuries, including multiple rib fractures, lacerations, sternal fracture, left ulna fracture, left and right ankle fractures requiring surgery, leaving her non-weighting bearing through her left UE and left LE.

She was total dependent for rolling, transferring, and all ADLs.

Jackie has worked so hard with therapy and nursing to regain her functional abilities for a complete discharge home!

She is now walking with a walker, completing ADLs independently, and even walking up and down stairs!

She is an amazing lady who has inspired us all and will be greatly missed!

Mr. Frank Testimonial

Mr Frank TestimonialMr. Frank, at Southeast Louisiana Veterans Home, took a few minutes to share his favorite summer memory with us.

“My favorite summery memory was 1969. I was just starting my first radio announcing job in New Iberia. I was excited to have contact with my new co-workers.

“Radio was very exciting, meeting new people in a great small town! I have never lived in a small town before. We used to do remote broadcasts at auto dealerships and other businesses. I met many interesting and friendly people. They all knew my name. I had three girlfriends while working there, all not the same.

“Also men walked on the moon on my birthday.”

Ms. G Testimonial

Ms GMs. G is truly a success story!

She started with Hoyer lift transfers and total assist for ADLS. Only three months later, she is now ambulating with a four-wheel walker and is contact guard assist for toileting skills.

Ms. G can now enjoy trips out of Regent Care Center at Medical Center on pass with her daughter from Friday through Sunday. She loves shopping and going out to eat.

These gains have made a tremendous improvement to her quality of life!

Congratulations, Ms. G, and thank you for sharing your story. #synergycaresuccess

Steven Langley Testimonial

Steven LangleySteven Langley came to Kinder Retirement and Rehabilitation in late April 2022. He was just discharged from the hospital after suffering a subarachnoid hemorrhage. As a result, he was unresponsive and comatose. When Mr. Langley arrived at KRRC, his functional level had improved but his remaining deficits would require extensive therapy with all disciplines.

Balance was an early concern along with lower extremity weakness. Executive function was an ongoing concern as he couldn’t self-regulate his responses to personal needs while in his room. This led to multiple falls. It was suggested he wear a helmet to avoid any damage in the event he hit his head. A touch of vanity showed itself when Mr. Langley laughed and said he “won’t wear it” because it makes him “look funny.” Whether complying with staff instruction or refusing same, Mr. Langley maintained a friendly nature, a joker’s affect, and a big smile.

Though the early days were trying for Mr. Langley, facility staff and Mrs. Langley, improvement could be observed each day. Mr. Langley required “lift” transfers for a few weeks. As he improved, that status was routinely upgraded until he was independent with all transfers.

Early on, nursing, nursing aids and therapy staff had to push Mr. Langley in his wheelchair. He was still a bit impulsive, relying on what he thought he could do rather than strictly relying on therapy’s better judgment. Fortunately, this did not lead to additional falls. As a matter of fact, Mr. Langley did not fall again after the first couple of weeks. His balance returned incrementally. His cognitive judgment improved greatly leading him to a higher level of compliance with therapy’s input. Suffice it to say, what started out as a bad situation resulted in a team-oriented success story.

Mr. Langley was discharged from KRRC in late June 2022. He used a walker to leave the building, but therapy is confident he will be independent very soon. The success Mr. Langley enjoyed during his rehabilitation was in great part due to his commitment to the work and the therapy team’s creativity and diligence. However, the greatest support Mr. Langley enjoyed was that of his lovely wife, Theresa. Her commitment to the process and on-time input was critical, even when the input was uncomfortable to give.

The success story played out like a well written script. It wasn’t easy but for every bump in the road, changes were made, instruction was varied, cues were reinforced, and all parties adapted to every situation. Consequences brought learning, learning brought understanding, understanding brought independence and that independence allowed Mr. and Mrs. Langley to wave good-bye to this part of his journey. We hate to say goodbye to those patients who had such a great impact on us as professionals. Still, we excitedly say to them as they leave, “don’t come back!” (unless it’s for a visit).

Estela Tovar Testimonial

Estela Tovar

Ms. Estela Tovar came to RCC EL PASO in March 2022 from home for long-term care placement as her family was unable to care for her full time anymore. She came to us with a diagnosis of chronic pain, including severe pain in both knees and experiencing tremors, nervousness, and sudden onset of crying/emotional mood swings. She also has a diagnosis of dementia and, upon admission, was unable to identify the date, month, or day of the week.

Ms. Tovar required the assistance of 1 to 2 people with ADLs and transfers and was wheelchair-bound for mobility in the facility. After working very hard with PT/OT and ST, Ms. Tovar has made significant functional gains.

She is now oriented to date, month, and day of the week without any cueing. She is able to easily identify staff members and areas throughout the facility. She is able to complete ADLs with set up, all transfers with modified independence, and today was able to become a facility ambulator with a four-wheeled walker and no longer requires a wheelchair for mobility. She was so happy to meet this goal.

She gave the therapy staff big hugs, and everyone shed many happy tears. Pictured with Ms. Tovar is Lupe Martinez, PTA, who has been working hard with her on achieving her goals.

We are all so proud of you, Ms. Tovar!

David Young Testimonial

Getting Back to the Life You Love: My Walking Recovery Miracle

David Young
“My wife is proud of me!” – David Young

It all started when I got real sick and had to go to the hospital in Lake Charles. I had low blood pressure and a bunch of other stuff wrong in my body. They kept me in bed a long time and something happened to my walking ability during that long time in bed. I lost my balance and strength in my legs and I had to start all over to learn to walk again.

This makes the third time that I had to learn to walk in my life. Believe me, it took a lot of hard work and pain to get through this period of my life.

The hospital kept me for 3 or 4 weeks and I had to nearly fight myself out of there to be transferred back to Westwood Manor Nursing Home where my wife was. I hadn’t seen her in 4 or 5 weeks and I missed her badly. Westwood gave me 20 days of free therapy and I took advantage. There were great people to to give me the basic exercise.

They taught me balance and ways to strengthen my upper body as well as my legs. I was starting to get excited when I started walking with a walker a little bit and then I had to leave because my 20 days was up and I didn’t have the money to stay.

I went home and started my own therapy program on my front porch. I have a handicap ramp with a banister on each side. I walked slowly up and down that ramp every day. I measured the ramp and walked so many rounds from the bottom of the ramp to the top and recorded this information in a notebook. It became a hobby of mine every day. I started out holding on to a banister and then turned loose to walk freely without holding on. I got real excited and I worked hard to improve it every day. Then I used a cane to walk to my mailbox (200’ away).

I was so happy to accomplish that milestone. Today I still use a cane on a long distance to help me be more stable, but I can still walk free of any help if I go slow and be careful. God gets all the glory for helping me. It really feels great to be back walking instead of a wheel chair or walker. I try to improve more each day. People take walking for granted. It is a blessing to be able to walk and people need to thank God for that ability.

David Young

Q&A with David Young

What did you enjoy doing before being admitted to (Westwood Manor Nursing Home)?

“I used to walk down the road a good ways. I take care of my yard and a couple of other yards. I love to be with my wife and we used to go on trips together.”

What goals did you have when you started therapy?

“To be able to get back to walking more normal without worrying that I wound fall down.”

What did you enjoy most about participating in therapy?

“I really enjoyed making progress and the excitement of realizing I could do it. I really was happy to get out of wheelchair and walk on my own.”

After you discharged home, what activities or hobbies did your return to participating in?

“I practiced what I had learned. I colored a lot in my book. I love to sit on my porch, hold my cat and swinging a lot.”

What advice would you give to other patients participating in therapy?

“Don’t ever give up on your goals in life and always give God the thanks for your progress and you will go a long ways down a road to happiness.”

Therapy Team:

David Young came to us following a medically complicated, prolonged hospitalization causing him to be bed bound. He went home in December of 2021 and he back to living independently and driving in the community. He said he took home what we taught him and has been building on it every day and he has a new lease on life

Reatagae Wooden Testimonial

While out of town, Ms. Reatagae Wooden suffered an emergency illness that required a 10-day hospital stay. Returning home, she entered skilled nursing care at Lagniappe Healthcare and experienced our Synergy Care team’s expert post-acute rehabilitation care services.

With significant weakness from her illness, limited activity tolerance, and an inability to walk distances, Ms. Wooden had a long recovery road ahead. However, she embraced her tasks with enthusiasm, including pet therapy! While her balance was poor at evaluation, she had specific goals in mind and was a motivated and hard-working individual! One of her primary goals was to get better to attend an upcoming family trip, and she accomplished all her physical therapy goals of walking up/down steps and improving balance, posture, and strength by her 30-day discharge.

For occupational therapy services, Ms. Wooden showed a decline in strength and the ability to perform activities of daily living. She experienced falls at home, and our priority was to establish goals of improving posture, walking, and getting back home within a reasonable time frame. From day one, she was motivated and took feedback from our therapy team very well.

Ms. Wooden integrated the physical and occupational therapy skills that she learned during her skilled therapy stay into her life, increasing balance, postural awareness, functional strength, and safety awareness. She returned home confidently, without any restrictions and even traveled to the beach with her family – just days after her discharge – because she accomplished all of her goals with excellence and positivity!


Reatagae Wooden
Reatagae Wooden

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