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Mr. McCurdy Testimonial

Mr. McCurdy standing with nurses

Mr. McCurdy admitted to Cherry Ridge Skilled Nursing Facility unable to walk and utilized a wheelchair for mobility.

Upon admission, Mr. McCurdy received his first 14 days of therapy in isolation due to COVID-19 protocols.

However, his hard work, perseverance, and dedication allowed him to meet his ultimate goal of walking and completing his ADL’s independently so he could return home safely.

He is now discharging home at his PLOF!

Mr. Vital Testimonial

Mr. Vital standing with nurses

From Hospice Care to Discharging Home – It’s graduation day!!

Mr. Vital first arrived at Southwest Louisiana Veterans Home in November 2021 and was under hospice care. Although his situation looked bleak, he was not done fighting!

With the help of our therapists, Mr. Vital began his long journey to recovery. He was able to come off of hospice and attend therapy five days a week.

Mr. Vital was the ideal patient, waiting every morning to start his session with a smile and willing to work on any task before him.

His work ethic, paired with the skilled care of the PT and OT teams, led to his full return to prior level of function and his discharge home!

Mr. Vital will be greatly missed at SWLVH, but we could not be more proud of his success!

Priscilla Langston Testimonial

Priscilla Langston “I was at work and got sick-was stuck in the bathroom and couldn’t get up. The ambulance was called and I was in severe pain. They transported me to Glenwood ER. After some scans I was found to have a large gallstone and infected pancreas. “While I was admitted to hospital, I was put on the ventilator, feeding tube, and oxygen. I was placed in ICU, improved and moved to a regular room, a temporary pacemaker was placed and I was moved back to ICU once again. I was put on dialysis and told that I would regain function eventually. I had churches all over the US praying for my recovery. “After 54 days in the hospital, I was admitted to Lagniappe Healthcare to continue recovery and rehab with a goal of walking and returning home. “When I first came here, I couldn’t lift a finger. I ended up getting off dialysis, and I no longer use a feeding tube or oxygen. “After 30 days of short-term rehab I can now dress myself, walk with a walker on even and uneven surfaces. I have exceeded my goals and now I get to go home to spend time with my dog, and my family. My next step is to purchase a new home. “God has really helped me pull through and make a miraculous recovery! “Thank you to everyone who helped me during my stay.”

Ms. Jackie Testimonial

Ms Jackie TestimonialWe love that we have the pleasure to introduce you to Jackie! She chose Golden Age Guthrie for her skilled therapy on June 2 after being hospitalized following a car accident. A car involved in a high-speed chase traveling at 100 mph hit Jackie. She sustained significant injuries, including multiple rib fractures, lacerations, sternal fracture, left ulna fracture, left and right ankle fractures requiring surgery, leaving her non-weighting bearing through her left UE and left LE. She was total dependent for rolling, transferring, and all ADLs. Jackie has worked so hard with therapy and nursing to regain her functional abilities for a complete discharge home! She is now walking with a walker, completing ADLs independently, and even walking up and down stairs! She is an amazing lady who has inspired us all and will be greatly missed!

Mr. Frank Testimonial

Mr Frank TestimonialMr. Frank, at Southeast Louisiana Veterans Home, took a few minutes to share his favorite summer memory with us. “My favorite summery memory was 1969. I was just starting my first radio announcing job in New Iberia. I was excited to have contact with my new co-workers. “Radio was very exciting, meeting new people in a great small town! I have never lived in a small town before. We used to do remote broadcasts at auto dealerships and other businesses. I met many interesting and friendly people. They all knew my name. I had three girlfriends while working there, all not the same. “Also men walked on the moon on my birthday.”

Ms. G Testimonial

Ms GMs. G is truly a success story!

She started with Hoyer lift transfers and total assist for ADLS. Only three months later, she is now ambulating with a four-wheel walker and is contact guard assist for toileting skills.

Ms. G can now enjoy trips out of Regent Care Center at Medical Center on pass with her daughter from Friday through Sunday. She loves shopping and going out to eat.

These gains have made a tremendous improvement to her quality of life!

Congratulations, Ms. G, and thank you for sharing your story. #synergycaresuccess

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