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Estela Tovar Testimonial

Estela Tovar

Ms. Estela Tovar came to RCC EL PASO in March 2022 from home for long-term care placement as her family was unable to care for her full time anymore. She came to us with a diagnosis of chronic pain, including severe pain in both knees and experiencing tremors, nervousness, and sudden onset of crying/emotional mood swings. She also has a diagnosis of dementia and, upon admission, was unable to identify the date, month, or day of the week.

Ms. Tovar required the assistance of 1 to 2 people with ADLs and transfers and was wheelchair-bound for mobility in the facility. After working very hard with PT/OT and ST, Ms. Tovar has made significant functional gains.

She is now oriented to date, month, and day of the week without any cueing. She is able to easily identify staff members and areas throughout the facility. She is able to complete ADLs with set up, all transfers with modified independence, and today was able to become a facility ambulator with a four-wheeled walker and no longer requires a wheelchair for mobility. She was so happy to meet this goal.

She gave the therapy staff big hugs, and everyone shed many happy tears. Pictured with Ms. Tovar is Lupe Martinez, PTA, who has been working hard with her on achieving her goals.

We are all so proud of you, Ms. Tovar!

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