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Mr. Vital Testimonial

Mr. Vital standing with nurses

From Hospice Care to Discharging Home – It’s graduation day!!

Mr. Vital first arrived at Southwest Louisiana Veterans Home in November 2021 and was under hospice care. Although his situation looked bleak, he was not done fighting!

With the help of our therapists, Mr. Vital began his long journey to recovery. He was able to come off of hospice and attend therapy five days a week.

Mr. Vital was the ideal patient, waiting every morning to start his session with a smile and willing to work on any task before him.

His work ethic, paired with the skilled care of the PT and OT teams, led to his full return to prior level of function and his discharge home!

Mr. Vital will be greatly missed at SWLVH, but we could not be more proud of his success!

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