Patient Testimonials

Getting you back to the life you love!

Ms. Betty

“When I first got here, I was a little unhappy because I did not want to be here. In the beginning I did a little, but as time progressed, I felt like I just didn’t need to be here. I didn’t try to do anything and had basically given up. I went from being pretty independent to being unable to do anything for myself.

After a meeting with the therapy team and my family, I was given the motivation I needed to get better and do what had to be done. The therapy team encouraged me, talked to me about my potential, and never let me give up. So, I put my mind to it and then started doing better and actually learned to enjoy therapy. I enjoyed the Neurosage, walking, and practicing household things in the therapy gym the most. Oh and Sarah’s coffee.

The encouragement that this team has given me motivated me to do better. The whole therapy staff was great to me and motivated me, but the people I enjoyed working with the most were Sarah, Veronica and Azita, because they were harder on me than the rest and did not let me give up. They kept encouraging me and would not let me say “I can’t.” But I couldn’t have done it without the entire therapy team. They were all attentive, helpful and made it a great place to be. Because of them, I get to go home.

I hate to leave the team here at High Hope, but I am excited to go home and live my life. So, thank you to everyone in therapy.”

The Therapy Team at High Hope Care Center is glad they had the privilege to work with Betty. Congratulations on your return home!

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