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Priscilla Langston Testimonial

Priscilla Langston

“I was at work and got sick-was stuck in the bathroom and couldn’t get up. The ambulance was called and I was in severe pain. They transported me to Glenwood ER. After some scans I was found to have a large gallstone and infected pancreas.

“While I was admitted to hospital, I was put on the ventilator, feeding tube, and oxygen. I was placed in ICU, improved and moved to a regular room, a temporary pacemaker was placed and I was moved back to ICU once again. I was put on dialysis and told that I would regain function eventually. I had churches all over the US praying for my recovery.

“After 54 days in the hospital, I was admitted to Lagniappe Healthcare to continue recovery and rehab with a goal of walking and returning home.

“When I first came here, I couldn’t lift a finger. I ended up getting off dialysis, and I no longer use a feeding tube or oxygen.

“After 30 days of short-term rehab I can now dress myself, walk with a walker on even and uneven surfaces. I have exceeded my goals and now I get to go home to spend time with my dog, and my family. My next step is to purchase a new home.

“God has really helped me pull through and make a miraculous recovery!

“Thank you to everyone who helped me during my stay.”

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