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Reatagae Wooden Testimonial

While out of town, Ms. Reatagae Wooden suffered an emergency illness that required a 10-day hospital stay. Returning home, she entered skilled nursing care at Lagniappe Healthcare and experienced our Synergy Care team’s expert post-acute rehabilitation care services.

With significant weakness from her illness, limited activity tolerance, and an inability to walk distances, Ms. Wooden had a long recovery road ahead. However, she embraced her tasks with enthusiasm, including pet therapy! While her balance was poor at evaluation, she had specific goals in mind and was a motivated and hard-working individual! One of her primary goals was to get better to attend an upcoming family trip, and she accomplished all her physical therapy goals of walking up/down steps and improving balance, posture, and strength by her 30-day discharge.

For occupational therapy services, Ms. Wooden showed a decline in strength and the ability to perform activities of daily living. She experienced falls at home, and our priority was to establish goals of improving posture, walking, and getting back home within a reasonable time frame. From day one, she was motivated and took feedback from our therapy team very well.

Ms. Wooden integrated the physical and occupational therapy skills that she learned during her skilled therapy stay into her life, increasing balance, postural awareness, functional strength, and safety awareness. She returned home confidently, without any restrictions and even traveled to the beach with her family – just days after her discharge – because she accomplished all of her goals with excellence and positivity!

Reatagae Wooden

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