Synergy's Solutions to Wellness

With Synergy Care Inc.’s Solution to Wellness, our goal is to provide a holistic approach to wellness. We incorporate the International Council on Active Aging’s seven dimensions of wellness in the program design. Our goal is not only to help sustain but strive to improve residents’ overall health and wellness by engaging them in meaningful programs targeting an overall improved quality of health and life.

Synergy Care Inc. partners with senior living and life plan communities to create a customized patient-centered approach to therapy and wellness. Residents enjoy meaningful and engaging health and wellness programs resulting in overall improved resident satisfaction. As a result of our approach, it provides communities with the following:

  • Preserved occupancy by promoting healthy aging in place
  • Customized programs and services highly valued by potential new admissions and referral sources
  • Marketing and analytic support looking at both upstream and downstream referral sources
  • Flexibility in our approach to therapy and wellness with virtual options available upon request

Components of Synergy’s Solutions to Wellness

Synergy’s Solution to Fitness: Group or private individualized health and wellness classes tailored to the unique residents’ needs are available, including virtual options.

Solution to Wellness Series: Monthly health and wellness series is designed, based on the CDC calendar to promote healthy aging in place.

Synergy’s Brain Health and Memory Support Services: Series of activities and programs designed for a spectrum of brain health residents from higher-level group activities to promote healthy cognitive functioning with age to certified dementia capable care instruction for memory care residents. We customize the programming based on the needs of the residents.

AI Approach to Fall Prevention: Synergy has partnered with an innovative technology solution, Virtusense’s VSTBalance, to proactively identify early changes in mobility and balance and track a resident’s overall improvement and functioning over time.

Develop and establish Preferred Home Health Partnerships: With a continued focus on wellness, we provide improved continuity of care services and reduce infection exposure risk.

Please e-mail us to learn more about how Synergy’s Solution to Wellness and how our approach to care can help promote healthy aging in place.